Welcome to Wise Women Network... We have created this for women to inspire women! To be an inspiring resource for ideas, information, her-story and support. We offer a place for all women to have a voice... all ages...all times... all connecting.

In The Resource Library you will find, under the various categories; information about Women in Business, as well as Co-Creating their lives in a balanced and healthy manner.

Under the Resource Library you will also find the Gallery that will lead you to Women's Visions and Women's Voices.These sections will present the artistic and written word of women across Canada.

As we grow, you will be able to access pertinent information in each province all across Canada. From all advertising sales a 5% donation will be made to "Women for Women International" and "Kiva".

The Profiles offer inspiration and insights as to how women of all ages and circumstances have addressed the many and varied challenges that are a woman's life.

And of course Travel and Retreats are our way of meeting you. We will come to your area and present our Wise Women Program/Retreat in an all inclusive venue. A 5% donation will be made to the Women's Centre in your community.

In the new Lifestyle section you will find information, links and in the near future dialogs on the areas of Women's Health, Natural Healing and Politics.

We are also available for one on one mentoring, coaching and editing services by calling or e-mailing and setting up a personal session.

With harmony, openness, acceptance and love we gather and share all offerings in the hope that you will add to this voice and creativity and become part of this network of Wise Women.

We are profoundly grateful for the talents, skills and laughter of the women who joined in this creation and birthing. Blessings on us all.

Be Inspired and Inspiring !!!

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